For Your Consideration

Fall has finally (somewhat) arrived in the South.  Cool, crisp air will make yard work a breeze and leave plenty of time for college football and some well deserved relaxation.   For those in the path of Nestor, stay safe, as it makes its way north.   Check out Mike's Weather Page for the latest forecast.  (FYI, he is an amateur storm enthusiast but he's entertaining and typically more accurate than the local weather).  In the meantime, here are some interesting articles for your consideration...

All things in moderation.  Except stupidity....that seems to run rampant with Why U.S. Cities Are Banning New Fast-Food Drive-Throughs. 

Fall foliage spots if you happen to be in the Blue Ridge Parkway this weekend.

Proof on why you should always sit with your back to a wall in restaurants. 

Ron Swanson fans (aka Nick Offerman) be on the lookout for his new limited edition single malt with the help of Lagavulin.

Mind blowing, game changing, robotics for military operation.

If you follow SEC college football, check these guys out.  Hilarious! (Sorry Georgia...)

 Enjoy the weekend & GEAUX TIGERS!