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It's the last week of October...where has the time gone?!  We haven't even celebrated Halloween yet and we're already being bombarded by Thanksgiving and Christmas decorations, sales & movies.  For those who haven't heard, all of retail is in a panic because the holiday shopping season is 6 days shorter this year thanks to Thanksgivings late arrival (11/28).  So I except our emails, mailboxes and stores will be flooded with holidays promotions by Nov 1st.  

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But before that happens, I propose that we all slow down and savor this final week of October by enjoying a classic, scary movie every night from now till Thursday.  For the adults only crowd, you can never go wrong with the original Halloween, The Exorcist, Psycho, The Silence of the Lambs, House on Haunted Hill (1958),  The Shining, and Rocky Horror Picture Show.  For the family friendly movies, we always enjoy Clue, The Monster Squad, The Goonies, Beetlejuice, Goosebumps, The Haunted Mansion,  Ghostbusters (1984),  and The Addams Family.  If you're short on time, a lot of tv shows have Halloween themed episodes.  A few of our favorites include That 70's Show (S3 E4 is always a hit) and Psych (S7 E5 = Clue & S1 E15 are classics).  

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In the meantime, for your Halloween consideration:

What's the favorite candy in your state?

Tired of passing out the same candy every year, here's a list of new "Treats and Tricks" to try.

If you live in or will be visiting Tennessee this week, do you think you can survive this haunted house?

family friendly Halloween outing if you'll be in the Louisville area.  

If you're not a fan of Halloween, season 2 of The Kominsky Method was released today on Netflix.

Can't let Halloween pass without watching Thriller.


Happy Halloween and Geaux Tigers!