For Your Consideration - 10/18/20

I wish I had more to offer on the post for today, but as we get closer to the election, the news and internet are filled with nothing but election details and "it's the end of the world" type articles.  Personally, I've had enough.  The tv is only coming on for football, the fights and old movies.  Although, even football doesn't seem to be the same this year.  More and more teams seem to miss a week due to Covid-19 (thank you Florida....LSU needed an extra week).  Guess we'll have to see what interesting things the Lane Train has planned for the weekend.  In the meantime, I suggest you kick back, relax and check out these,

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 For Your Consideration....

In case you've missed it, the FDA recalled certain pet food earlier this week. 

While we're on the subject of pets, pick up a 4-pack of Harpoon's Dogtoberfest beer.  A portion from every sale goes to pets in need.

Macallan released its oldest scotch....heading to auction.  

Look out Virginia, venomous hairy "toupee" caterpillars are a new contender for you in 2020.

Have I not said this about robots all along?

Gun sales soar.....

Bacon scented face mask?  Check out the link for your chance to win one via Hormel.

2020 strikes again....2 headed shark!

So true, so funny, so hurtful.  Better luck next year LSU.  

Hopefully one of these zingers will make you chuckle.

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