For Your Consideration - 10/25/20

Looking for vintage Halloween photos made me realize how resourceful, creative  (with somewhat terrifying imaginations) people were before mass produced costumes became available.  You couldn't run to Target or Walmart and buy a costume of your favorite character.  A costume, mind you, that at least 20+ kids will also be wearing that night.  There weren't pop up Halloween stores where you could purchase all the latest and greatest decor.  There wasn't money for such frivolities. You used what you had and made the rest.

To each there own, but I personally think we could learn a lot from our predecessors and their frugality as we look towards the upcoming season.  While many are still quarantined and budgets are tighter than ever, this is a great time to be thankful for what you already have and aim for a simplistic holiday season.  Just some food for thought. 

Enough of my soapbox for today.  Let's get on to.....    

vintage halloween costumes
French illusionist Henri Robin/Getty Images

vintage halloween costumes
Alfred Hitchock/Getty Images

vintage halloween costumes
Ann Miller/Getty Images

For Your Consideration...

In need of a last minute Halloween costume?  Draw inspiration from vintage movies.

Ok, if #15, 43 or 87 (especially 15) show up at my door Halloween night, we're gonna have issues.  Seriously, freaky!

It's a bird, it's a plane or is someone flying around LAX with a jet pack?!

White noise, more harm than good?

Sorry Twinkies, I guess only cockroaches can survive everything.

Mystery of the dying birds and the fires.

They spent how much on Coca-Cola stunt for 'No Time to Die'?

This weeks humor

Vintage Halloween Hollywood Actress Pin-Up - Clara BowClara Bow/Getty Images