For Your Consideration - 10/4/20

When did people stop wearing masks out in public?  The wife and I came across a half dozen people INSIDE stores without masks?  Come on people, common sense.  Even if you think Covid is fake, wear a mask because it's cold/flu season. Simon says wear your freaking mask!

Anyway, it's the weekend and chores are already done.  I can finally walk Sir Barkley in the morning without breaking into a sweat and both NFL & college football are back.  While I figure out which game I'm going to watch....or figure out how to convince the wife we need more televisions in the living room so I can watch all of them at once, why don't you check out these,

Warren Betty/Esquire

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For Your Consideration...

Mark your calendars for Amazon Prime Days, Oct 13-14, 2020.

The Forgotten Front Porch?....something you'll never hear in the South.

Grocers are stocking up for winter pandemic.

Leave it to California.  No more junk food in the checkout aisle.  Shouldn't they be more concerned about the wildfires?

Um, didn't I warn you the robot craze is getting out of hand?

2020 strikes again.  Now we're running out of refrigerators.  

Not even gonna try to comment on this one.

Chateau Boswell lost to St. Helena Glass fire.  More updates.  Here's another way to support our furry friends who have been injured or left homeless during the Cal Wildfires.

How about a little humor from our old friends?

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