For Your Consideration - 11/29/20

Happy belated Thanksgiving everyone!  Everybody still stuffed from dinner?  Did you survive the holiday shopping marathon?  As per our mo, it was quiet on the home front this year.  I think it has been almost a decade since the wife cooked a turkey for Thanksgiving.  Don't get me wrong, she makes an excellent turkey.  It's just that neither of us enjoy eating it or dealing with the leftovers.  Instead, we bucked tradition and started making gumbo for our Thanksgiving meal (and subsequently have to turn the AC down when it's 80 degrees outside).  Sir Barkley had plenty of walks and the little shopping we had was completed with a few strokes of the keypad.  The Christmas trees are up and the house is almost fully decorated.  So while I hand the outdoor garland and lights, why don't you grab your 10th turkey sandwich of the week and enjoy these,

Thanksgiving Thoughts with Carole Lombard and Clark Gable
Carole Lombard & Clark Gable
Stock photography, Audrey Hepburn

For Your Consideration....

Ok, I know this one is late but it still deserves to be celebrated.  WHO DAT!

I don't care what they have to say.  It's cold & flu season.  Wipe it all down!

While a lot of Mardi Gras parades have been canceled for 2021 (thanks Covid), they're still rolling in Jefferson & St. Tammany parishes.  Check here for the latest updates.  

If you live in Colorado, enter for your chance to have beer delivered by reindeer?!

Wonder why your imported wine is above 14% ABV.  It's thinks to this tariff loophole.  

This maybe the funniest video I've seen in a while.  

I don't know why I find this creature to be scarier than finding an alligator in my backyard.  

Don't know what to get the baby Yoda fan in your life?  How about his macarons?

A few missed SEC Shorts.   They should of just put us in a body bag....

Photograph, Monochrome, Tree, Black-and-white, Photography, Plant, Smile,
Cary Grant & Marlene Dietrich