For Your Consideration - 11/8/20

I'm sure we can all agree that it's been a very long week.  So let's skip this weeks niceties and get to the point.

Jack Nicholson 1970's
4:00AM.Photograph featuring an exhausted, tired, and muddy Vivien Leigh holding a small bouquet of flowers that had just been given to her by Arthur Arling, the Camera Operator for Gone With The Wind. During the production Miss Leigh and Arling became close friends and she would often confide/complain to him regarding daily script changes, Gable's bad breath, and the never ending retakes. Arlings advice to her was; " Don't worry, when you get the Academy Award for this, it will all be worth it!"Vivien Leigh on set Gone With The Wind
For Your Consideration...

Worst nightmare or best night ever....being pulled over by off-duty trooper, dressed as a Stormtrooper on Halloween?

How Sean Connery helped define 007's style.

Wouldn't it be nice if all of our home renovations uncovered hidden bottles of bootlegged booze?

Maine police are asking you to take a boat or plane if you're planning on moving to Canada because of the election results.

Is there a turkey shortage this year?

Faubourg Brewing Company will be the new name of Dixie Beer.  Love me some Blackened Voodoo.  Now if only I could find it in SC....

Ok Brit lovers, Prince Charles to release his own Organic Gin

Scientists discovered a massive coral reef in Australia.

Yup, this basically sums it up.  Stay strong LSU fans.

Not as good as the whisky video but still a good chuckle.

Marilyn Monroe