For Your Consideration 4/19/20

Week 5 of quarantine and aside from questioning the current date or time, I'm remaining relatively sane (relatively being the operative word here).  I have noticed that my internal clock is once again ruled by nature and not by that blasted 4am alarm clock.  Waking up to the sun and eating when I'm hungry (instead of a designated lunch time) has become a luxury that I rather enjoy.  The wife and I linger over our Apero hour, dinner becomes later and the evenings slowly melt away with the setting sun.  Hopefully you too, have found a little pleasure in your new routine.  Here are some (good and bad) musings

1940's Drinks and Cocktails | Vintage cocktails, Hollywood glamour ...

For Your Consideration...  

 Striking images of empty streets during the COVID-19 lockdown.  More herehere and here.

COVID-19 & Hurricanes....a scary thing to consider.  (***Hurricane season starts June 1st.  I DO NOT advocate hoarding supplies.  However, with the season 1 1/2 months away, you may want to consider buying a few extra necessity every week to prepare).

First COVID-19 can be spread from the soles of our from the deceased?  

The wife has had first hand experience with delays/shortages on seeds.  If you know a fellow gardener, you may want to swap or share seeds with them.

Michigan's new stay-at-home order.  Some deemed as necessary, some as extreme.  Now the protests begin

Still finding excuses not to start a workout regime during lockdown?  Try walking.  It's healthier than jogging and free!

Who knew sourdough bread could be so controversial? Perhaps maintaining a smaller sourdough starter is the better route? How to use your sourdough discard recipes

Or why not bake up some good ol' buttermilk biscuits.  DIY buttermilk and self rising flour substitutes.

Seek your local mills for flour and other milled grains.

Let's wash that bread down with the best wine subscriptions.

First look at the new Perry Maison series coming to HBO June 21, 2020.

And to hopefully put a smile on your face, WWII Vet grooving to the music.

Cheers everyone!  Enjoy your week and stay safe.