For Your Consideration - 4/5/20

Week three of quarantine and I hope everyone is safe and doing well.  Things have been quieter here this week. I have finally run out of outdoor surfaces to pressure wash and the insane amount of pollen is delaying any outdoor painting and gardening the wife and I need to do.  For now, a short break while I figure out my next chore and offer you these weekly links.

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For Your Consideration....

Running out of things to watch?  Check out HBO who just released free streaming service with the US.

Next week is Easter.  Help your kids make homemade Easter Egg dyes using Kool-aid and vegetable scraps.

Hopefully your quarantine is less awkward than Ernest Hemingway's was.

More reasons why we need to create a daily workout routine (and stop over eating)

This gives a whole new meaning to "mans best friend."

Leave it to the SEC Shorts crew to lighten the mood........GEAUX TIGERS!!!

 How to make your veggies last longer until your next delivery because as Samuel L Jackson says.......

Stay safe everyone.  IF you must go out, keep your distance from other individuals, and sanitize.  Enjoy the rest of your weekend.