For Your Consideration - 9/27/20

Thank you all, for the condolences on the passing of our 2yr old Dixie dog.  Her personality was as big as she was (the little force of nature) and she'll be greatly missed.  After a somber week, at least we got to spend all day watching nothing but SEC college football games.  Enough said.  

Bacall_and_Bogart and boxerBacall, Bogart, Boxer source Barkpost

grace kelly with great daneGrace Kelly source Barkpost

For Your Consideration.....

Looks like "She & He" sheds are now "9-5" sheds.

Are you willing to try the Jalapeno Noir wine from Taco Bell?  Pair it with their Chalupas.

For $300k, the new Shelby Mustang could be yours.

Not sure if trick or treating will be canceled this year, but Halloween & Christmas Peeps will be.

Geez, I think quarantine may be making this company a little batty when it comes to their flavors.  But if you're a fan of watermelon gummy beer, then good for you.

This scuba diver is far braver than me.

Pictures of the West Coast Wildfires from space.

Mysterious death of thousands of birds in New Mexico.

Oct 30th, Mandalorian returns!

And from the "It's A Southern Thing" gang
james dean and collie dog tuckJames Dean & Tuck source Barkpost