For Your Consideration - 5/10/20

 Week 8.  2 full months of quarantine.  What is there to say?  From those I've spoken with, you either love it or you don't.  The wife and I are loving it.  Now, to be fair, we don't have children so the house is quiet (minus the neighborhood noise) and the dogs don't need to be homeschooled.  I've learned that I like being in my home.  I like finding more ways to make it cozier and more enjoyable. I like drinking my morning cup of joe on our new outdoor furniture (long overdue).  I like having the dogs in the office while I work.  I like our new pre-dinner cocktail hour on the back porch.  I like staying on top of the yard work every few days instead of spending all weekend playing catchup.  I like staying in on the weekends instead of constantly running around town to this place and that for whatever reason.  I like the slower pace and being less "busy."  And that will be my take away from all of this as we slowly return to normal.  Obligations are a must.  But sometimes it's ok, to politely decline that brunch invite to enjoy another cup of coffee on the porch.  What are you going to continue to enjoy after quarantine?  After you contemplate that, don't forget it's Mother's Day!  And then...

Bacall_and_Bogart and boxerSource: Woofipedia/Bacall, Bogart & Boxer

For Your Consideration.....

Support small business!  Support your local brewery during American Craft Beer Week!  It runs May 11-17, 2020.  Check out your favorite brewery's website to see if they're hosting any events/specials.

Al Fresco restaurant street dining?  How retro-European of us.

Grubhub and other services delivery sucking life out of barely scrapping by restaurants.  Help small restaurants out and pick up your take out/to-go order if you can. 

And you thought it was difficult to find groceries now?....Welcome to Alaska.  (Been there, done that and it's true.  Good luck finding mint in Kodiak for Kentucky Derby)!

Where's the beef....?!

Is this the new normal for shopping?  Thank goodness for Amazon.

Polar Vortex in May?  So much global warming....

And just when we thought things couldn't get any worse....Killer hornets!

I still haven't wrapped my head around eating grasshoppers let alone killer hornets.

 Finally a new SEC Shorts!

and a little more Southern humor.

brando with dog doxieSource: Dachshund Love/Marlon Brando