For Your Consideration- 5/24/20

Week 10?  Are we still counting?

Either way, welcome to the unofficial kickoff of summer!  Down here in the South, swimming pools are opened, the AC has already kicked on, love bugs are in the air, and ice cream trucks drive through the neighborhood daily.  Let's not forget the mosquitos that only hibernated for 2 weeks in the winter.  Oh, it's time for those lazy hazy days of summer.  As you fire up your grills for the first time this season, take a moment and remember what this holiday weekend is really about.  It's about honoring those people who have fought for our freedom and remembering those who lost their lives doing so.  So raise your American flags and a glass in a salute to all the veterans.

First Lieut. Clark Gable, former movie actor now an aerial gunner in the Army Air Forces, wears a double shoulder sling of .50 caliber machine gun bullets in taking off on a practice firing mission at Tyndall Field in Panama City, Florida on Jan. 20, 1943. (AP Photo)Lt. James Stewart, former film star and now in the U.S. Army Air Corps, steps from the transcontinental "Mercury" of American Airlines at LaGuardia Field, New York, after a flight from the west coast, February 20, 1942. (AP Photo)
-First Lt. Clark Gable: aerial gunman Army Air Forces AP photo-
-Lt James Stewart: US Army Air Corps AP photo-


For Your Consideration:

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Young Paul Newman during his US Navy active duty service years ...Bronson, born Charles Dennis Buchinsky, Charles | Charles bronson ...
-Paul Newman: US Navy radioman and gunner- 
-Charles Bronson: US Army Air Forces tail gunner-
Shirley Temple at American USO WWIICrash that killed actress Carole Lombard, 21 others near Las Vegas ...
-Shirley Temple at USO in WWII entertaining servicemen-
-Carol Lombard: Helped raise over $2 million in defense bonds in a single evening-