For Your Consideration - 5/3/20

 Week 7.  Every news channel or website I watch/read continues to focus on "fighting the war" against the pandemic.  I get it.  This is truly, a deadly issue that needs to be eradicated.  Current financials/food shortages might parallel war time economics but this is NOT WAR.  Frankly, I think the reference is disrespectful to all those that came before us, that fought and lost their lives, to ensure FREEDOM.  

May 8, 2020 will mark the 75th anniversary of VE Day.  The day in which Nazi Germany surrendered to the Allied Forces on May 8, 1945.  An estimated 4.9-5.9 million Jews were killed in the Holocaust.  While an estimated total number of deaths (from combat, civilian, disease/famine) ranged from 70-85 million.  This was a true tragedy.  This is what war looks like.  And I dare the news to try parallel this event to our current pandemic.  So I urge you all to fly your Allied flag this week and then raise a glass to remember those brave soles who fought for Victory.

What is VE Day? - CBBC Newsround 

Ground crew on a RAF Bomber Command station in Britain return the V-sign to a neighbouring searchlight crew . Silhouetted is the nose of a Lancaster.

© IWM (CH 15165)

For your consideration...

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VE Day - Historic UK