For Your Consideration - 6/7/20

Seriously, I've lost track of the weeks by now.  All I know is that it's June.  It's hot & muggy and that means hurricane season is upon us.  Now I'm sure most of you living on the coast know how to prep for hurricane season.  If not, here's a recap.  I'm also going to give a shout out to Mike's weather page.  He is NOT a meteorologist.  He's just a regular Joe who's really into the weather and is typically more accurate (and entertaining) than the Weather Channel (personal opinion).  As I'm writing this, TS Cristobal isn't supposed to hit land until tomorrow afternoon.  You still have time to head to get your prep kits ready.  Then, once you're safely back home and hunkered down for the storm you can ponder these....

Casablanca at 75: Read 1942 Review of Bogart-Bergman Classic | Time
Credit: Warner Bros

For your consideration

Bob Hope & Dorothy Lamour   (1942)
Bob Hope & Dorothy Lamour(1942)

Heads up Gulf Coast.  Tropical Storm Cristobal is heading your way.

For $3.4 million, you to can own a limited, re-release of James Bond's Aston Martin Goldfinger DB5. 

Possible future of grocery shopping.

I'm all in for trying new beers.  Just don't sure about beer brewed with hot dogs?!

I never said stop wearing your face masks!  Covid-19 cases back on the rise.

"Covid Campers" the new norm for vacationers?

And what goes better with vacation, than a new summer read?! Check out NPR's favorite books of 2019.  

GMO Mosquitoes?!

 More laughs from It's A Southern Thing 

Stay safe out there and enjoy your weekend!

Bleeding feet and Gene Kelly's tongue: how Singin' in the Rain ...
Photo: Rex/Shutterstock