For Your Consideration - 6/21/20

Happy Father's Day everyone!  Hopefully everyone is enjoying their ideal day and that it's filled with plenty of good food, a few cocktails and no chores.  

Elinor Donahue On Father Knows Best and Her Many Classic TV Roles
Father Knows Best TV show

But if the yard needs mowed, trash taken out or whatever may be on you "honey do list", I hope you can find a few minutes to yourself so you can prop your feet up while you browse these.

Dear Mr. Gable, please read to me!
Clark Gable on the set of "Dancing Lady" (1933)

For Your Consideration....

Save your oyster shells and help save the Bay!

$1M treasure chest found in the Rocky Mountains.

Pizza delivery prank that has lasted for 9 years!

Did they discover Cleopatra's tomb?

Florida residents, it's time to go gigging for these toxic toads.

A new show (no release date yet) that's sure to delight men & women.