For Your Consideration - 6/28/20

Do you remember the game "Simon Says" from your grade school years?  You know the one.  Simon tells you to touch your nose and you obey.  Well, Simon says wear your freaking face mask in public!  Simon says sanitize everything if you've been out in public.  Simon says wash your damn hands.  Clear?  Good.

Cyd Charisse
4th of July is next Saturday.  I know many of the festivities and fireworks across the nation have been canceled/postponed but that's no reason to not celebrate America's Independence Day.   So fire up your grills, hang out your American flag and lets celebrate America's Birthday!  Now, for your consideration.....
Rita Hayworth

Heads up for those living in the South.  A massive dust storm is heading our way.

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Ann Miller "True to the Army" (1942)