For Your Consideration - 8/16/20

I'm sure many of you have an Alexa device in your home.  And I'm just wondering if you've noticed the same phenomenon.  Every time I ask her, "is it going to rain today" she replies, "There's a 51% chance of rain at ?:??am/pm."  Well that time has come and gone and still no rain.  As the wife says, " the b@*ch lied."  I'm convinced that she's in cahoots with the weather anchors.  It probably won't rain today but she has to cover her bases in case the storm of the century just happens to drop out of the sky at that specified time.  It also means that as I head out to cut the grass an hour before the designated time, a rogue storms comes and literally rains on my parade.  While I try to dodge the possible rain, how about you sit tight and check out these,

At £1,399, the latest recruit in the robot turf war: New automated ...

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For Your Consideration...

If you're wondering why you can't find disinfecting wipes on the store shelves.

Mini Covid-19 homes can cost as much as a house?!

See the new Ford Bronco on the Rubicon Trail.

Really, the plague?  Can 2020 get any worse?

Yup, it did.  See which college football divisions have canceled their season here and here.

Leave it to Italy to have invented the wine window...over 300 years ago! 

I'm pro Connery.  The wife is pro Craig.  Who do you think is the better Bond?

New SEC Shorts - let's hope this is the only bad news.

And because so many people are camping for vacation this year. (In case you're wondering....we're the last one).

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