For Your Consideration - March 29, 2020

It seems that are new normal is constantly inundated with horrific, depressing news.  If we allow the fear and anxiety that has overwhelmed social media take hold of us, we will slowly fall, one by one, with no one left manning the helm.  I for one, am tired of being bombarded with all of this negativity and am in need of a little pick me up.  Hopefully, these articles will offer you a little inspirational cheer.  

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For your consideration....

 Victory gardens: a thing of the past or our future?  I suggest starting small with containers.  Here's more on container gardening, especially for those living in the UK.  My wife's favorite mail order seed company.  (It is getting late in the season for some seeds.  You can always take a short cut with small veggie/herb plants found at your local garden center).

Put your passports away.  12 museums from around the world you can tour from the comforts of home as well as some gardens.

Handy links on one page for staying healthy and sane right now.

Always wanted to learn how to cook or up your culinary skills?  Milk Street is offering free online classes right now.  Hungry for more?  Check out this list of live stream/online cooking classes from chefs.

Elevate your pantry staples (and next Instacart order) into delicious meals with the help of chef Amanda Freitag. 

SUPPORT YOUR LOCAL RESTAURANTS!!!  March 24, 2020 was the first day of "Takeout Tuesday."  Check online for your favorite local restaurant to see if they are participating with take out/curbside service.  If you are in the Charleston area, Famulari's, Rodney Scott BBQ, Edmunds Oast and Basil are just a few.  For more, check out the full list.  

Free or Discounted streaming (and other) services amidst COVID-19.  There are plenty of more they aren't on this list.  The Centr app (Chris Hemsworth) is offering a free 6 week trial.  Peleton app has a variety of free streaming workouts.  

Enjoy the rest your weekend and if you must go out, please, take all the precautions necessary to keep you and your family safe. 

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Photo: Marc Wanamaker/Bison Archives