His & Hers Cocktails - New Years Eve 2021

I don't know about the rest of you but it has been a very hectic and busy year in our household.  And of course, no matter how serene your year may have been, December seems to be the craziest time of year for all of us.  There's all the holiday parties, the shopping, wrapping presents, tree trimming, cooking, baking, decorating, driving around to see decorations and then even more cooking and baking.  Then finally, the big day arrives.  Santa left gifts under the tree, the living room looks like a hurricane just hit, with all of the gifts and shredded wrapping paper thrown every where.  You sit down to have a second slice of pie, after everyone has gone to bed and then it hits you.....New Year's Eve is in one week.... crap.  You have planned for everything else this month, except for this.

Well, we're right there with you and have decided to make this New Year's Eve the easiest and simplest ever.  Grab your favorite "fancy cheeses" from the deli, along with some charcuterie.  Grab fancy crackers, a loaf of sourdough bread and don't forget to stop by the olive bar for an assortment of those briny delights.  Throw in a tray of pre-sliced veggies/fruit curtesy of your fresh produce department and then hit the wine department and grab some champagne....the good stuff...nope, the good stuff from France.  It's New Year's, treat yourself.  And if you really want to treat yourself try this easy take on potatoes and caviar.  I know what you're thinking and yes, caviar CAN be expensive...if you serve vats of this salty deliciousness.  A little bit of caviar goes a long way in this dish.  So a small tin of caviar can easily serve 4-5 guests for very little money.

Usually the wife will go all out and make blinis (think savory little pancakes) or latkes with creme fraiche (think sour cream), caviar and chives.  Not this year.  Nope, she grabbed a bag of Route 11 lightly salted potato chips and placed on a platter.  She topped each one with a small dollop of creme fraiche, caviar and chives.  It's easy, delicious, fancy and always a crowd pleaser.  His & Hers Cocktails - New Years Eve 2021

Route 11 Lightly Salted Potato Chips
Creme Fraiche/Sour cream
Caviar - we used Pearl Street Caviar - Ossetra

Lay your chips on a serving platter/plate.  Dollop a small amount of creme fraiche/sour cream on top of each chip and then a small dollop of caviar.  Serve with a fancy bottle of Champagne!


Happy drinking!