Sir Barkley vs Super Chewer

I don't know what soft, squeaky toys ever did to Barkley before we adopted him, because he annihilates them within 5 minutes of receiving one.  I'm not kidding. When he's done with his toys, it looks like a Build A Bear store exploded in our house.

First, he'll silence his prey by biting at the squeaker until it's punctured and rendered mute.  Then he'll start pulling at the tag.  Once that's gone, he'll start ripping the seams apart.  When that soft, fluffy interior is exposed, he pulls out every last piece of it with such vigor that you'd think it was a five year old opening presents on Christmas morning.  Finally, once the toy is gutted he literally stands on the carcass with his front paws and shreds the fabric into ribbons with his teeth.  When he's convinced that there's nothing left to destroy he'll curl up on his dog bed and fall fast asleep.

Jump ahead to Bullymake which we liked but were limited to basically two types of toys.  1)hard plastic that while it is indestructible, it destroys hard word floors and makes a lot of noise.  2)rubber toys that are similar to a Kong.  These hold up and Barkley liked them so much we ordered a few more then canceled that membership.

The wife found Super Chewer by Barkbox and we figured we'd give it a two month whirl since Barkley was about to celebrate his 2nd birthday (yes, we don't have kids so we're that weird couple that celebrates dog birthdays).   Each box is themed and you can pick toys and treats based on your pets size and dietary concerns.  We picked the medium size box and regretted it as soon as we opened up the first box.  The toys are sturdy but smaller than what we usually give Barkley.  The treats that we received were all soft chews.  The ingredients in each could be better but they're far better than what you would see in your grocery store.   
We have high hopes that the "stick" will last but question the squirrel.  Sure enough, in less than 30 minutes, Barkley was able to detach the tail from the rest of the toy.  Luckily, it came out in one large piece that we were quickly able to grab and throw away.  The squirrel is full of teeth marks but it's still holding strong 3 days later.

A month later, we received the second box.  The treats were all soft chews again, made with minimal ingredients.  The toys however, were much harder than the ones in the previous box.  I will note that the robot in the below picture, has a softer body but the arms are rock hard.  They certainly hold up to Barkley's aggressive chewing but I can't say the same for the hardwood floors.  After a few "knicks & dings" in the floor, these toys have become "carpet" only toys.  I'll also note, that if your dogs likes to "fling" toys across the room, these toys will knock out any object in its path!
Would I buy this product again?  Maybe for Christmas or his birthday, if they're running a special deal.  But I wouldn't do a monthly subscription.  Don't get me wrong, the toys live up to the Super Chewer name as Barkley has only been able to destroy the fox's tail (and loves that the rest of the toy bounces).  But these toys go a long way and he does like a little variety in his life.  Maybe if they had one hard and one soft(er) toy it would work better for our dog.  One last note.  Barkley is 43lbs which puts him at a medium box level.  If you're interested in ordering a box or subscription, I would highly recommend sizing up.  

If you've found something to appease your dogs' toy habit, drop us a line!

Disclaimer: This is not a paid review.  We know we're not the only ones with an aggressive chewer and are on the hunt to find the perfect, long lasting toy(s).  This review contains our own, honest opinion of the toys and treats.  If you are interested in trying Super Chewer for your dog (and giving us a kick back) click on our referral link