Tactical Gent: A well curated life for the new modern man.

As I’ve become older, I find that I’m spending more and more time at home.  It’s not that I dislike my town and the surrounding areas.  Ok, the traffic is horrendous but frankly, I’m more outraged and dismayed to witness what has become acceptable in the behavior, ethics and even clothing of today’s society.    Take a moment  to reflect on your typical day and the people you encounter.  Are they nicely dressed and groomed or are they still in their pajamas and in desperate need of a barber?  Have you actually overheard a conversation lately or is everyone too busy hunched over their phones? 

If you were graced with a snippet of a conversation, was every other word filth?  Did they at least mumble a “please” or “thank you?”  When’s the last time you’ve witnessed someone holding a door open for a lady or elderly person (even in the South!) or shaking hands with a Veteran and thinking them for their service? 

Politics aside, how many people do you know that can correctly operate a firearm?  When as a society, did we lose our integrity and dignity of both our self and our nation?  Hoping I’m not the only person with these thoughts, I slowly realized that I could evolve the Tactical Gent into a platform to help promote and foster a casual sophistication for today’s man by curating a life of self pride, ethics and decorum inspired by the Old World but polished by the new modern world. 

Today’s, Tactical Gent.