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Testicular Fortitude Morale Patch 2-Pack

Testicular Fortitude Morale Patch 2-Pack

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Political? Nope. Toxic? Probably. Necessary to a functional society? Absolutely! This mid-century designed wearable is a tribute to a commonly used phrase in the blue collar world to signify masculinity, grit, and the ability to step up when the pressure is on. 

When I first started collecting patches, it was the 2X3 wearables that were my favorite. They are small & functional...perfect for hats, jackets, bags, etc. 

  • 2"X 3" Size
  • 100% Embroidery
  • Hook Backed
  • 2-Pack includes 1 of each patch shown in the photo
  • Limited to 100 sets made. One time production
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