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Allfather Morale Patch

Allfather Morale Patch

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It's that time of the season! This year kicks off our 8th Santa Paws fundraiser, where we use the sale proceeds to buy food, toys, supplies, and some adoption fees to ensure that the pups at a few local animal shelters have something to enjoy on christmas....since I cant adopt them all! It always breaks my heart to see pups without a home, so this is an attempt to help where I can. 

Many historians believe that Odin was the inspiration for Santa, so that motivated my theme for this patch...the OG santa!

This is the 2nd of 3 christmas patches to be used for the Santa Paws fundraiser, with the last one coming in the next few weeks. 

100 made. One time production, will not be made again. 4" wide. Hook backed. 100% embroidery. 

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