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Caped Crusader 2016 Patch

Caped Crusader 2016 Patch

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The Fourth patch in the Caped Crusader Collection pays tribute to what I feel is the best COMIC BOOK portrayal of the Dark Knight. Affleck's version looked & moved like the version of the 90's animated series I grew up with. Sadly for him, WB ruined his films and left us with less than desirable movies. However, the Snyder Cut was pretty awesome and gave him a bit of redemption. Keaton is still my overall fav & Bale had the best movies, but Affleck WAS the comic version of the Caped Crusader!

And also, full disclosure. I'm aware that there was a 1995 & 1997 version (Kilmer/Clooney) of the Caped Crusader, but i'm not convinced that they deserve to be honored in patch form & i'm sure most of y'all agree!

  • 4.75" tall
  • 100% embroidery
  • Hook backed
  • 100 made. 1 time production & will not be made again
  • Limit of 3 Per Person
  • #Batffleck
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