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Gray Lives Matter Patch & Decal Set

Gray Lives Matter Patch & Decal Set

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All funds from this patch will be used in our Annual Santa Paws fundraiser, where we buy food, toys, treats, and supplies for a few local animal shelter. Weve been doing this every year since 2012 & even though there isn't a Christmas patch this year...the pups still need some love!

#GLM.....the old folks still need some love & this patch is a reminder that were people too! Age is not a restriction, it's an advantage!

  • 3" tall
  • 100% embroidery
  • Hook backed
  • Comes with 1 matching decal in a fancy argyle pattern

Note: The UK edition photo is a tounge-in-cheek's the same patch, but they use an E in the word Gray. A = America, E = England

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