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"Red Leader" 2020 Christmas Patch

"Red Leader" 2020 Christmas Patch

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Ever since Rudolph enlisted in the Reindeer Corp, he has been around a handful of major global conflicts (WW2, Korea, Vietnam, Post 9-11). As a man who has led his team into hundreds of foreign nations & millions of rooftops, he’s definitely seen some intense scenarios. Yet, this grizzled veteran pushes though, despite the horrors of the world. He rises up and perseveres to honor the spirit of Christmas. His mission, to bring hope & joy to the world. Come nightfall on Dec 24th, Santa knows that all threats and all hazards will be managed with precision by his point man…..the Red Leader.

Our annual Christmas patch uses proceeds to buy toys, food, blankets, & supplies for the puppies at my local animal shelters. If these sell out, the donation will also pay the adoption cost for 15 families to take home a shelter dog. We love the pups & try to offer them all a Happy Holidays.

  • 4" tall
  • 100% embroidery
  • Hook backed
  • 100 made. 1 time production & will not be made again
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