Salty Old Bastard Patch

Salty Old Bastard Patch

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One of my favorite terms that i've heard used consistently over my 20 years with the USCG. While it obviously has nautical intent, the Salty Old Bastard is a tribute to those of us who are fed up with news, politics, society, and a-holes. We've seen it, done it, and have no more patience for the nonsense.

Much like Clint's role in Gran Torino, the Salty Old Bastard embodies those who have seen how society really functions & we have no patience for the silliness. 

When I first started collecting patches, it was the 2X3 wearables that were my favorite. They are small & functional...perfect for hats, jackets, bags, etc. 

  • 2"X 3" Size
  • 100% Embroidery
  • Hook Backed
  • 2-Pack includes Red  & Sea Blue Color Versions (3 & 4 )
  • Green & Dark Blue are sold out. 
  • T-Shirts also available here