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Holiday "OG" Anniversary Patch

Holiday "OG" Anniversary Patch

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8 years ago, we released our very 1st patch "The OG" around this time. As a nod to the 8 years of random & festive patch offerings, I thought it would be a bit of fun to take that iconic 1st patch and tweak it for a little bit of holiday flare. it is....the Holiday "OG", replicated in the same size & color as the original. In the last few years Tactical Gent has been shortened to the simpler TACGENT, so the new patch text reflects that shift. 

Along with the Saint Nicholas patch, these too will be used as part of the Operation Santa Paws fundraiser. Going big this year....and to cover inflation!

  • 3" tall
  • 100% embroidery
  • Hook backed
  • 200 made. 1 time production & will not be made again.
  • Merry Christmas
  • Shitter's Full
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